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Sep 27, 2010 8:30am EDT
'm absolutely not but i don't think you can go up to harlem or the south bronx or you're working in a school, especially, though, in new york where we have charters, public charters that work and you have unions that are placing caps on it and seeing kids trapped in the south bronx and harlem and brooklyn. i don't know how you don't look at that situation and say, it's immoral. >> well, the unions aren't controlling the outcomes here. now, they have a concern that is legitimate which is -- this is a historic concern and all educational systems is where are the resources going? we used to see resources distributed in this country in many ways according to race and certain neighborhoods because of that, harlem used to not get anything because it was harlem and the black section an the other sections would get more resources. we saw that. and then there were intervent n interventions, very crude attempted like school bussing and things like that to correct that sort of thing and so the issue with charters now is, if we shift those resources to charters, what happens back here in this school? i
Sep 15, 2010 1:00am EDT
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Sep 15, 2010 2:00am EDT
, dover, delaware, to harlem. we check in on charlie rangel's race to hang in for a fourth decade in congress. (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again. >>> a lot of upsets tonight, will new york's 15th congressional district be one of them? that is the question right now. democratic congressman charlie rangel in the fight of his career facing an ethics investigation, no longer chairman of the powerful ways and means committee. tonight it's win or go home against adam clayton powell iv. the son of the man congressman rangel defeated to win his seat in the house in 1970. congressman rangel, holding a substantial lead, about 2-1, only 19% of precincts counted. joe johns is at the headquarters right now. joe? >> reporter: hey, anderson. 20 terms, looking for his 21st term. a slightly surreal night, here in harlem, frankly. it is a lively crowd, but not a very large crowd at all. surprisingly, few people here waiting for what is expected by many to be a win for charlie rangel. not that surprising, of course, given the
Sep 20, 2010 12:00pm EDT
that is reported from a wooden trestle under the metro north tracks over harlem river. this would be the train tracks that take trains, the metro north trains coming in from the noerp pa northern part of new york and even new jersey, brings them right into grand central station. apparently there is a fire right now, and we're seeing some of that black smoke. apparently it has somewhat disrupted the traffic in and out of grand central. so looking for more information on this story. when i get it, i'll pass it along. >>> he's getting almost as much security as president obama. iran's ahmadinejad is giving a speech at the united nations this week and he reportedly is getting bullet-proof windows in his motel, metal windows for the other guests and authorities on stand-by in case they have to rescue ahmadinejad. sarah shourd is using ahmadinejad's visit as a platform to press him to release her fiance and her friend still in iranian custody for trespassing in that territory. >> i stand before you today only one-third free. that was the last thing that josh said to me before i walked through the pr
Sep 20, 2010 11:00am EDT
it for yourself there. a fire near a metro north railroad bridge over the harlem river. right in -- from that pic, everything checks out. okay. information matching pictures here. this is on the harlem side of the bridge. we understand all trains are out right now, suspended. all trains out of grand central terminal. that makes sense. suspended for now, until they can get this under control. look at it there. we have a -- global earth map maybe we can put up as well? do that, scott. we don't have any indication of injuries and no idea what caused the fire. as we continue to gather information on this, but fire department in new york is confirming that they are on the scene of a pretty significant fire, as you can see here. metro north railroad bridge over the harlem river. i think you can imagine for yourself how precarious that can be. and this, of course, is on the harlem side of the bridge, and all trains out of the grand central terminal suspended. pretty dramatic stuff, isn't it, right there? we've got another view of it here. okay. so the coast guard, as you would imagine, responding as wel
FOX News
Sep 20, 2010 11:00am EDT
there. this is east harlem, and i am coming up to speed on just how important this particular bridge is to the manhattan area. it is the 138th street bridge, underneath it is on fire. this affects four metro north tracks along the train line, it affects a whole lot of people here, and we are hours away from rush hour, and it's already a nightmare, jon, as you put it. here's part of the problem. just about all traffic coming out of the north from manhattan has to go across this bridge at some point or intersect with many of its intersections. and you can see in full flame at the bottom. we're trying to learn what has caused this. this is a wooden train trestle underneath the metro north tracks over the harlem river affecting a lot of people right now. as we find out more about what caused this and if anybody's been hurt in all this, but it's just burning out of control on top of the harlem river right now underneath the 13 lth strait -- 138th street bridge where a whole lot of roads meet in northern manhattan/east harlem. right now these live pictures coming to you from just north, th
Sep 29, 2010 2:00pm PDT
of the harlem children's zone and he is the center of a new project. the sellout -- the film is a look at education in 20th- century america. the film is now open in select cities. "waiting for superman" is coming up right now. >> all i know is his name is james and he needs extra help with his reading. >> i am james. >> yes. >> to everyone making a difference, you help us all a better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. nationwide insurance is on your side. >> and by contributions from their pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: geoffrey canada is the ceo of the harlem tilden's zone. he is at the center of a wonderful new project from davis guggenheim called "waiting for superman." the film is a look at the state of public education in this country. >> one of the saddest days of my life was when my mother told me superman did not exist. i was a comic book readers. i read comic books. i love them. even in the death of the ghetto, you just thought -- in the depths of again, you just thought he would show up and he saves all the good people. maybe i was in the
Sep 4, 2010 7:00am PDT
was tommy romero, a puerto rican boy born in east harlem, a different kind of ghetto that produced some successes. before he was 10, the romero family took flight to the williams burg section of brooklyn because of the numbered streets such as south 6th and south 7th which carried their direction. in time, the south street became puerto rican, displacing the italians, who moved deeper into brooklyn. the north streets were remained polish extending into green point. his parents purchased a house cheaply and over the years created a home that was a welcome place for their children and grandchildren. this haven was of such serenity that kenny often felt the same respect and awe that he experienced when entering the fragrant solitude of the catholic church, fleeing went the irish seeking refuge from the advancing harlems, the dark skin of the people making unrecognizable the prejudices they had endured when they arrived in america. the defect of memory driving them forward to separate themselves from the shadows that follow all immigrants. fleeing went the puerto ricans, escaping the same b
Sep 14, 2010 7:30pm PDT
monthly. we know and we have models across the country, like the harlem children sound. the think we can learn lessons there. -- like the harlem children's zone. we think we can learn lessons there. we know we cannot do it without the community. >> truancy is a huge issue in many of the schools. i have actually met a couple of our prutruant students. what is the next step? i do not want the police coming in picking them up. what do i do when i meet these students? they go to the schools in both of your zones. >> you can always call emily weighed thompson -- wadwade thompson. she is our community outreach supervisor. she will call the school and the parents. >> talking to the students it is more they do not want to go to the school that are out right now, whether because of a fight or some issue. they want another placement. >> that is for students support services. >> i know you told us a couple of months ago. every team has someone from hr to deal with the teacher. who is in everyone's team again? >> our area teams are quite lean. each of the assistant superintendents has a right hand p
Sep 20, 2010 12:00pm EDT
burning near the metro north 138th street lift bridge in east harlem. a bridge at parkton avenue and east won 32nd streets carries all four tracks in and out of manhattan. this has halted service out of grand central station. a lot of delays because of that. >>> meanwhile, coming uup, police and businesses are trying to, with the plan after a rash of robberies. society onlyke an socie consider that to be beautiful. >> the daughter of powerful couple, we have for interview coming up. >>> and the official start of autumn. it l hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> more on the breaking news in new york city. this is a live image from east harlem, where a big fire is burning on a bridge. the metro north train in new york city is what it carries. the fire has closed grand central station. >>> if rs are on a shooting range is sending thousands of people running from their houses in utah. if the flames and burned hundreds of acres in 24 hours and destroyed two houses. mor
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
the finishing touches on political matchups for the november mid terms. the embattled congressman from harlem faces a new foe with a familiar name. and the senate majority leader tries to hold the line on the bush tax cuts. live from our studio in washington, this is special report. good evening i'm bret baier. before democrats and republicans take on each other in november they have to finish up their internal battles in primary elections. voters in seven states and the district of columbia are taking care of that today. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in delaware, site of one interparty skirmish every bit as contentious as one between parties. in delaware, moderate nine-term republican congressman mike castle is so confident he'll win joe biden's senate seat after voting even he said it was a tea party measurement against the established party. >> this particular party has become a bit of a test of can, you know, the very conservative elements of the republican party take out an incumbent with whom they do not always agree. that's part of what we're dealing with here. it's a l
Sep 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
" who is president and ceo of the harlem children's inner city schools serving 17,000 children and adults. 8,000 are children and the program is seeing amazing results. geoffrey canada is here now. i want to ask you about the genesis "waiting for superman." you as a child. me about it. >> i grew up here in the south bronx during the late 50s and early 60s when the south bronx was falling down. it was a place of abandoned buildings and rubble. there were racks and roaches all over everything and it was violent and dangerous. when i heard from my mother that super man was not real and i began to cry, she thought i had this fantasy about santa claus and i realized no one was coming to save us kids. there were no super heroes coming in. when you see kids growing up in places that literally calls for a super hero to save them because it's so dangerous and dysfunctional, my friends didn't make it out. i did. you know what, at that very young age, i realized we were not getting out of that. that is a terrifying thing for young people 8 and 9 years old thinking i'm never going to make
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm EDT
city, a very well known here in harlem, of course. we have seen charlie rangel. he hasn't gone all the way in predicting a win tonight, but talked a lot about the ethical charges against him on capitol hill. among the things he said this evening, people should not have delusions without the completion of the process -- there he is, apparently introducing yet another individual who's coming to speak. >> joe, how important -- we're going to probably lose some sound, we'll come back to joe in a little bit. let's talk to our panel. john, this is clearly the fight of his political life, and in the last couple days we saw robocalls from former president bill clinton and michael bloomberg. >> it's a big political fight and you've got to wonder where the democrats would like this to land. if he gets taken out, all the ethics issues get put on the back burner, even though you've got bill clinton in there making those kinds of phone calls, would they not be a little happy if it just went away tonight? >> why do you think clinton and bloomberg made those calls? >> for the same reason we saw t
Sep 24, 2010 5:30pm PDT
and you say, there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: his solution, the harlem children's zone in manhattan's historic and troubled neighborhood. >> what we wanted to see in harlem was our community looked like middle class communities, where kids had health care and they were eating nutritious meals. where young people didn't have to worry about gangs, and being shot and being killed. >> reporter: the luckiest attend the charter school in the heart of the zone, promises academy. what happens here is being called a miracle. canada's poor minority students are doing as well as their more privileged peers across the country. 650 promises academy graduates are now in college. here's the rub. the only way to get in today is through a heartbreaking lottery. >> and the last number -- >> reporter: but more money is pouring in. the children's zone just received a $20 million gift from goldman sachs, and this week the white house awarded grants to 20 communities so the zone's impact will be felt by more than just the lucky few. and what a week it's been for canada. not only is he one of
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
are you moving the kids? if you look at what's happening in the harlem zone, as long as you have an entire system focused on getting this child to succeed. we have put these family resource centers inside schools, where we have human services agency, which requires the parent to come into the school, we have a school clinic, so that the kids get health care as well. we have to do a lot more of that which is what jeffrey canada is trying to do. if you raise the bar on expectations, the school system will organize itself to jump over that higher bar. several years ago, this is what happened with "race to the top," they asked all the states to put high standards in place across the board. several years ago, michigan did that because that was what we were focused on, doubling the number of college graduates in michigan. we raised the bar at every single grade level. 2007 was the year the high school starts took effect. since 2005, when we started raising the bar k through 12 -- k through 8, we have seen math and reading scores increase every single grade. dropout rate has gone from 15% to 11%,
Sep 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
go first? >> he went to harlem. he had previously tried detroit. he found detroit was not going to work for him. he was there at the time there was a riot. that scared him off and he went back to florida. the last time, he went to new york. >> along the way, where were folks getting their money? >> they had been saving. they lived such meeger lives. george's father was the owner of a little corner store. george himself was quite frugil. during the days they were winning in the groves, he had been saving money. >> what did you do in harlem? jo he took a job as a railroad porter. he had no trouble finding work because being male gave him something of an advantage. it was during world war ii when he left as opposed to aida mae. he found a job as a railroad porter. i went back and forth, there are a lot of stories of him going back and forth. running into the experience of going back south. going from a place that was free and having to adjust ones self? >> what was one of the adjustments? >> conductors, if they were south, they would mistreat some of the porters. he got on the bad
Sep 26, 2010 6:30am PDT
. >> reporter: former nba players, college stars and harlem globe trotters gave up their height advantage to play israeli veterans in wheelchair basketball. game was one stop on their good willtour sponsoreby sports power inrnational. >> our person is for christian nba players to show supportof the jewish people in israel. we are their one loyal friends, we believe what the bible says, that they are god's chosen people. >> it wasn't offi easy for the nba players to control their wheelchair but the game was good fun for both ses. >> we were gointo play with them you can see them all over the world. >> israeli children will watch their favorite team. having these evangelil christians come here and interact withthe people and do the sports camps and work with the disabled veteran association is wonderful. new in some of the americans like dwight howard senior this was a profound experience. >> this is one of the most exciting events i have had in my life. to be here representing the usa and the howard family, it is great. >> with israel aligne sports power internional came with a word of enc
Sep 20, 2010 4:30pm PDT
this bridge in an york shut down commuterçu!88upr&ço aç?d pilings, in the harlem river.w3! and heavy smoke.w3xiuç people bn manhattan and the northern suburbs were stuck. it was a big mess but no injuries. hurricane7 fáigor went to bermuda, and with tree lines, and how lines down. and with kicking up dangerous surf on the u.s. seaboard. it has been blamed for sweeping three people to their deaths. including a 21 year-old surfer off the coast of north carolina. and it is expected to goççç s hurricane carl in mexico. devastating.i]ç the 40's of meo city at least 16 deaths and foot-the authorities from mexico, and with the floods. foot-the aut - in veracruz with dozens of people arrested for looting and even affecting areas of texas with one person missing in floodwaters. >> what a gorgeous day today with the fog clearing off the 3 with a clear bluey from our roofççóxdi]i]ç camçd mitscher'sok areç warmer todayh 80sç mostly in the north bay.- temperatures are warmer todayç mild close to the coastline.ç with 64 in half moon bay, 66 in sanç francisco and record to se
Sep 27, 2010 4:30am EDT
students and parents from harlem to silicon valley navigate through a lottery system to get out of failing neighborhood schools and into public charter schools. >> let's get started. >> reporter: luck of the draw pathed for many, weather on the big screen or in the classroom will shape the way they learn. students, teachers, local leaders interact. they can learn about a teaching garden to help teach kids about nutrition. veronica. >> and we are looking forward to it. nbc's michelle franzen. michelle, thank you. >>> as part of coverage we're going to be presenting all week on the nb cnetwork, don't miss this morninging's matt lauer exclusive, a live interview with president obama. that's coming up today. >>> here are other news making news early today. video shot by a passenger on a delta flight shows sparks flying during an emergency landing. authorities are looking into reported issues with the plane's landing gear. fortunately none of the plane's 60 passengers or crew were hurt. >>> in california a miniature 4 rocket lifted off from the air force base. it carried an air force surveillan
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm PDT
harlem was failure became the norm. the schools were lousy... the healthcare was lousy... gangs were prevalent. violence was all over. families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a community like that. people had been talking about things, but not doing anything. hi, mr. canada... how are you? i'm doing great, how 'bout you? right here on 119th street. if we could fix this block, then we could fix the next block, then we could fix the next block... we promised parents, if your child stays with us, i guarantee you that child is going to graduate from college. failure is simply not an option. the sixty...the seventy... the eighty... the ninety-seven blocks which ends up being 10,000 children. we start with children from birth, and stay with those children until they graduate. if you really want to have an impact that is large, you will get there going one step at a time. there is no act that is too small to make a difference. no matter what you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate at
Sep 14, 2010 5:00pm EDT
in new york city in harlem. set the scene for us, joe, what's going on? >> wolf, 80 years old, 20 terms in the congress, well known as the first african-american to chair the house ways and means committee. of course, as you said, charlie rangel is now fighting for his political life. he's held up by many republicans as one of the reasons why the democrats should not control the united states congress. nonetheless, he's very popular here in the hometown, the home area in new york city. take a look -- what happened this morning when charlie rangel showed up at 7:30 a.m. to go and vote for himself. >> i am saying that you're wrong. >> we need charlie to go back to washington to work with president obama to say, yes, charlie rangel has always been there for us. i urge you now to be there for him and this tuesday's democratic primary. >> so, it's a big day here, of course, for charlie rangel. he's got a number of challengers in the field, including the son of adam and powell and a man he actually beat to get the seat in the first place back in 1971. he's raise add whole lot of money. of cou
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 2:00pm EDT
? this is the second such movie we've talked about earlier this year. the lottery, focused on the harlem reform. is this a significant cultural term? >> i hope so and you think it has that potential to sway public opinion, but we know from covering education over the years you really need to get your hands dirty in terms of the politics and the public policy and the sad reality is that one of the stars of this movie, bill, is now fighting for her job. >> is fighting for her job, extraordinary. >> michelle reed and this is a woman appearing on oprah, on the cover of time magazine. >> paul: more than that, is achieving actual results on the ground in terms of actual helping kids. >> one of the celebrated reformers in the country is fighting for her job, because the teacher's unions spent a million dollars trying to fire her boss. >> and they won. >> they won. >> this is the they think about the teacher's union, they think they can wait you out and typically prevail. remember what they said about the pope, how many divisions does the pope have. >> right. >> how many divisions has a movie director
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 9:00am EDT
by our peers, no one will take that away from you. no one will take it away from harlem and you can bet your life, no one will take it away from me. [applause]. >>... so... martha: there you go. we will see, after 40 years in office, charlie rangel is in the political fight of his life, today, can he survive? as voters head to the polls, right now. and, more incredible video of that massive gas pipeline explosion, in california, look at this woman running guess the street. with her child, all of this video, coming up, here, where else? "america's newsroom." we'll be right back. martha: we have new polls to show you, hot off the press, fox news opinion dynamics polls, look at nevada, democrat majority leader, harry reid, neck and neck with his republican challenger, sharron angle, that is going to be interesting, folks. look at the sunshine state. results are interesting, for florida, marco rubio pulling ahead, at 43% now over charlie crist and, kendrick meek at 21% and a lot of people wonder if one of those sides throws support to the other and what might happen and that looks like rubi
Sep 22, 2010 5:30pm PDT
and their parents, from harlem to silicon valley, struggle to get out of failing neighborhood schools and into public charter schools. daisy, a fifth grader, whose parents dropped out of high school, is desperate to avoid her district middle school in l.a. >> by the time she leaves stephenson, only 13% of her classmates will be proficient in math. >> reporter: the cruel reality is, the children's dreams are tied to the luck of the lottery. the director, davis gugenheim, also directed the oscar winning documentary about global warming, "an inconvenient truth." the truth about his latest film is the topic scared him. >> i felt like a lot of parents. you read the paper and there's a lot of noise. it's complex. >> reporter: he had a change of heart while driving his kids past three public schools to drop them off at a private school. >> that idea that my kids were having a great education but the kids in my neighborhood were not, that idea haunted me. >> reporter: but the president of the american federation of teachers portrayed in the film as a staunch defender of the failed status quo,
Sep 27, 2010 4:00am PDT
to college. >> reporter: it shows how five students and parents from harlem to silicon valley navigate through a lottery system to get out of failing neighborhood schools and into public charter schools. >> let's get started. >> reporter: luck of the draw paths for many, that whether on the big screen or in the classroom will shape the way they learn and dream. >> reporter: rockefeller plaza has been turned into a learning plaza, where students, teachers, educators and local state and federal leaders from all around the country can learn more about diet, nutrition and exercise, a key component to learning. veronica? >> incomes's michelle franzen. thanks so much. >>> as part of coverage we're going to be presenting all week on the nbc networks, don't miss this morning's matt lauer exclusive, a live interview with president obama. that's coming up on "today." >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america -- in new york, amateur video shot by a passenger on a delta flight shows sparks flying as one of the plane's wings dragged along the tarmac during an em
Sep 27, 2010 5:30pm PDT
of the harlem children's zone, whose public charter schools educate kids really from birthright through college. you're nice to join us. right through college. you're nice to join us. last night, you spoke in terms of the nation, almost in terms of national security. >> you know, this is the problem we have, brian. we're the only remaining superpower in the world and we're moving towards a third world education system for our kids. the two things don't equate. i see people and they're trying to hold onto the status quo, they're acting like the kids are doing great. we're not in the top ten, not even in the top 20 anymore and this is a crisis for this nation. we need to do something dramatic to change this. simply pretending that we can keep doing what failed for 10, 20, 30 years to me is a huge disaster waiting to happen in america. >> lester touched on this. the film is largely about charter schools. that's really the -- they're red hot right now and that's the hot button here. what do you like to remind people about charter schools? >> we have to start with the public schools. these are publi
Sep 8, 2010 5:30pm PDT
harlem." with each new letter i typed it pointed me to target, ticket master, thesaurus, spain, pokeman, hats, the best hams in spain, home insulation and hydrogen cars and several others before i got my answer which, by the way today was clear, high of 88, low of 60 degrees. again, it is faster. if you use google five times a day you will save about two hours over the course of a year. that's several days tacked onto the end of your life. while this was being developed our own george lewis was given a rare look inside google where they make all this happen. tonight he reports on the making of the next new thing. >> reporter: leading up to today's announcement, google -- normally a pretty secretive place -- gave us unprecedented access to what they call their war rooms. meetings where people stand, passionately debating the overhaul. >> fast, easy. >> reporter: speaking quickly, they keep a stopwatch running. >> that was 12.35. >> reporter: what is it they are working on exactly? google instant, speeding up search. >> you add a word and see results update immediately. remove a word and
Sep 15, 2010 5:30pm PDT
here in new york, charlie rangel won renomination to congress in his harlem district despite recent ethics problems. and in washington, d.c., voters have fired their mayor, adrian fenty, who has held that job for just three years. while it was just a city mayor's race, that washington election result last night was heard across the country by those who follow education reform. that's because the defeat of mayor fenty likely means the departure of a big reformer, the powerful, controversial michelle rooe, she's the chancellor of schools in d.c. this comes just as her profile is about to explode even bigger because of a new film called "waiting for superman." that premieres tonight in washington. something about timing. our own tom costello is there for us. tom, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. we're at the museum, waiting for "superman's" premiere. michelle rhee has been the national symbol on education reform and she admits she probably played a part in the mayor losing his job. so the question now, what happens to d.c. schools? for nearly four years, michelle rhee ha
Sep 24, 2010 11:00am PDT
from facebook's young ceo. >> plus, the secretary of education. a harlem superhero. and grammy winner john legend. next "oprah." i spend three hours on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks. with high speed internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download movies and music and chat with my fends. [ mom ] how's your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] work faster, play more with the fastest internet for the price. call to get high speed for $14.95 a month with a one-year price guarantee. please, i know what he's up to. high speed internet from at&t is so fast that we get more done in less time, leaving me time to chat... watch movies... without teenage distractions. and it's affordable for our family. [ female announcer ] call to get highpeed for $14.95 a month with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. >>> coming up at 5:00, the u.s. bank handing out multimillion do
Sep 20, 2010 7:00pm PDT
was visible across east harlem. two trains were on the bridge at the time and we'll crews inspected the tracks before reopening them for service. >>> your home san francisco could begin developing some old- school sites to house teacher. they will direct school officials to convert a mission street property into low-cost housing for teachers. details are still being hammered out but the deal could be worked out with developers to include higher rent retail space. leaders say that one third of all san francisco standards as cars do not live in the city. >>> the great recession has been declared over. a group of economists announced one of the longest economic slowdowns ended in june of last year predicted you notice that? jim vargas reports if you did not you are not alone. >> reporter: and was announced today that the recession ended 15 months ago but the people we spoke with looking for jobs find the idea laughable. >> [ laughter ] where are the jobs? >> reporter: it may have been over in frustration -- over frustration or incredulity it is no laughing matter and this man says he was laid o
Sep 4, 2010 6:00am PDT
happening in that area. there's this wonderful book called fillmore harlem west and also there's several other books that are about that particular era. but that's all happening too, people like billie holiday, count basie, duke ellington, they were all playing in the fillmore district, bop city, plantation club, jack's tavern. that's another world that i was intrigued by and the fact that there were neisei jazz musicians. also the no no boys, which i'm not sure if you are aware of, but one of the story lines in the play is about the character called chet monkawa and he was what was known as a no no boy. at some point everyone in the internment camp was asked to do this questionnaire and there were two questions, u
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